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Pool water winterising Liquid

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Add winterfit winterizing agent to the pool (see dosage below) Before you winterize the pool, the filter must be backwashed. The filter sand is then cleaned and ready to use in the spring. When backwashing, make sure that there is enough water in the swimming pool. Winterfit is compatible with all disinfection methods: active oxygen, chlorine or salt and can therefore be used for all pools. No antifreeze included!

  1. Empty the basin halfway
  2. DISCONNECT the system from the power supply!
  3. Empty the filter vessel/filter device. This means the system remains frost-proof
  4. Empty and/or dismantle the filter pump. This means it also remains frost-proof
  5. If available, also winterize the countercurrent system or other water attractions according to the manufacturer's instructions
  6. Drain all water pipes and keep them frost-proof
  7. If intended by the manufacturer or swimming pool builder, close the suction and pressure pipes with sealing plugs
  8. If available, attach winter cover device and follow the manufacturer's instructions


Distribute 400 to 600 ml of winterizing agent per 10 m³ of water over the water surface using a pouring container.

The effect of Winterfit is extremely long-lasting, so you don't need to do anything else during the winter months. Re-dosing is only necessary if the winter is particularly warm. From spring onwards, cloudy water or any slightly greenish discolouration can be removed from the water, as usual, using our pool care products. Your outdoor pool will then be immediately ready for the new swimming season.