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Intex submersible draining pump

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This submersible pump is ideal for emptying your pool or hot tub if you assemble it indoors. It pumps up to 3,595 litres per hour and can be used up to a water depth of 122cm. The pump can be connected to the garden hose and is also suitable for saltwater.

  • Power: 230V / 99W
  • 10m connection cable
  • Incl. 5m hose Ø 32mm
  • Connection to garden hose possible
  • Sucks up to approx. 13mm residual water height
  • Max. Delivery height 132cm
  • Max. Solid size 2mm
  • Waterproof case IPX8

A protective grille on the intake duct retains dirt particles and reduces the risk of injury