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Intex Rainbow Ring play centre

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Gorgeous inflatable paddling pool for children. Extremely easy to set, all you have to do is inflate it and the pool is ready for use. The pool is divided into a large and a small pool, which are connected with a water slide. Both basins have separate drain valves, which make it easy to empty them. The larger pool has a volume of 206 liters with a wall height of 14 cm and the small pool has a volume of 175 liters with a wall height of 20 cm.

This set includes 6 Fun Ballz plastic balls with a diameter of 8 cm. Kids will love going down the slide and then dive into the colourful and amazing pool. The set includes the following water games and accessories: a slide, a refreshing shower on the top of the rainbow, playing rings (4 inflatable rings included) and two slides for balls located at the sides of the pool.

Technical Characteristics:

Size 297 x 193 x 135cm
Capacity 227L
Maximum load 81 kg
Repair patch included
Product weight 7 Kg

Minimum age recommended 2 years