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Intex pool cleaning kit

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In order to have fun in the pool all season long, it is important to take care of the water quality and cleaning. The cleaning set deluxe is ideal for cleaning above ground pools.

The Intex cleaning kit is the perfect solution for cleaning pools with a maximum diameter of 488 cm. The set includes a 2.39 m telescopic aluminium handle, a net to capture surface dirt and the cleaner suction to be connected to a water pipe, so as to exploit the Venturi effect a pressurised fresh water hose pipe (not included) to remove dirt using and capturing it in the supplied bag.

  • Telescopic aluminium handle extendable up to 2.39 m
  • For above ground pools only
  • Polyester mesh
  • For pools up to a maximum diameter of 488cm
  • Easy assembly and disassembly

Not only is cleaning important for fun, it also increases the life of the pool and reduces the use of pool chemicals.