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Intex Jet and Bubble Deluxe Hot Tub - 4 person

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The latest generation of INTEX offers you the ultimate whirlpool experience with wifi app control. With a size of 201 x 71 cm, the Pure Spa Octagon not only offers space for 4 people but also a lot of fun and comfort. 

The combi model has numerous air nozzles and 4 high-performance jet nozzles, which are used for a targeted massage.
The integrated salt water system with a limescale protection system ensures natural disinfection, eliminating the need to use chlorine. The whirlpool is also equipped with a powerful filter pump and heating.
The included lockable insulating cover is used for safety and also reduces heating costs.

Dimensions: Ø 201 x71 cm (total floor space required 210 x 270 cm due to the pump being on the side)
Material: triple laminated vinyl
Water content: 795 L.
suitable up to 4 people
120 air nozzles
Integrated saltwater system
4 jet nozzles for targeted massage
Automatic heating

Motor for water jets: 650 W /220-240 V (Singe phase)
Bubble blower: 800 W /220-240 V
Jet pressure: 0.48/0.69 bar
Heater: 2200W/220-240V
Pump flow: 1.7 m3 / hr
10 W anti-limescale treatment
Chlorinator: 20 W
Temperature: 20° - 40° C
Temperature rise: 1.5° - 2.5° C/hr

Scope of delivery: Pump for heating / filtration / blower / decalcifying system for water treatment, new generation pump with cold water or hot water function, 2 filters, chlorine salt generator, 2 headrest cushions, thermal cover and base plate to avoid heat loss float for the release of chemicals strips for chlorine test hand / electric pump for inflating the SPA whirlpool bag for transporting and storing the pool.

Price €1,470 delivered to your door including all accessories, salt and 2 extra (free) filters so you literally just add water.