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Intex rechargeable portable air pump

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Intex 12V/230V Rechargeable Portable Pump, perfect to easily inflate and deflate your accessories and inflatables with the highest efficiency ever.

With this Intex universal air pump, you can count on a capacity of 650 Lt/min and you can use it for every Intex product as it includes 3 different connectors.
The rechargeable battery is simply and easily rechargeable through wall sockets and cigrt. lighters. You can choose between two different modes to inflate or deflate your object in any situation, a faster one and a slower one.
The new design makes this product easier and more practical than any other air pump, thanks to a built-in handle and incredible lightness which makes it the first choice in its product class.

Technical Characteristics:
- Power output: 650 Lt/min
- 3 different connectors included
 - Power source: 12V - 230V
 - Rechargeable Battery
 - 2 inflation/deflation modes
 - Practical design for easy use and transport