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HTH Filter Cleaning liquid

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1 Litre bottle recommended for hot tubs and whirlpools to clean deposits from cartridge or sand filters.

  • Technical cleaner developed in close cooperation with filter manufacturers and suppliers
  • Very high active ingredient content
  • Highly effective against limescale deposits
  • Excellent cleaning effect
  • Easy to use due to the violet color
  • Adapted to all classic pool filter types, except activated carbon filters (aquaristics, drinking water production, etc.)


Cartridge filter

  • Dissolve filter cleaner in a container with water
  • IMPORTANT: The filter cartridge must be completely covered by the water
  • Add ½ liter of filter cleaner to 5.0 liters of water 
  • Leave on for a good 2 hours
  • Then brush off the cartridge and rinse under running water

Sand filter

  • 1.0 Put filter cleaner directly into the open filter on the sand
  • leave on for about half a day
  • Backwash filter for at least 1 minute