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Glass filter media for sand pumps

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Sack of 25kg of ultra fine crushed glass which is an upgraded replacement for sand in sand filters. Grade 1 product made from particles ranging between 0.5 - 1.2mm for superior filtering.

It replaces traditional sand media applied in all filters. It is produced from specific type of 100 % recycled glass to achieve optimum particle size and shape. It has slippery surface. It is electrostatically negatively charged and it attracts the smallest particles 300 times more than sand and purifies (zeta potential). In addition, the glass mineral has a permanent redox potential metal oxide catalysts that are self-sterilizing. In this way, it helps to separate metal oxides and other target elements from water 4 times more than sand. It has a longer life than sand because it does not contain bacteria and organic waste on its surface.

 Main Benefits Compared to Other Sands:

  • It is lighter than sand, can fill your filters with 20 % savings.
  • it has higher abrasion resistance than sand, its service life is 4 times longer.
  • It saves from other chemicals with treatment performance.
  • Less chlorine and disinfection consumption than sand.
  • It saving in backwashing than water and energy.
  • It does not cause calcification, agglomeration and petrification. In this way, it prevents channel formation and biological contamination.
  • Sands hold bacteria and algae over time. Bacteria and algae cannot adhere to glass sand.
  • It makes to clearer water.
  • Filters down to a few microns at 100% efficiency without filtration aids.