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Flocculant for Glass and Sand 1L

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  • Simple application
  • Highly effective against cloudiness
  • PH-level neutral
  • Only suitable for filters filled with sand or glass (not for cartridge filters! not for filter balls!)
  • This flocculant is free of heavy metals according to DIN 19643. Even in the event of an overdose, the limit values ​​for aluminium content are not exceeded.

It binds organic pollutants and phosphates effectively and quickly. These flakes are retained in the filter. During the weekly backwash, these are then rinsed out of the filter, ensuring crystal clear water and bathing pleasure!

Dosage recommendation:
Depending on the water hardness, the dosage information can vary greatly in individual cases! We cannot make any dosage recommendations for well and mixed water.

Manual dosage:
Add 100 ml per 10m³ directly to the pool every week with ongoing circulation. The filter system should be in operation for at least 6 hours after addition!

Removal of flakes:

If flakes settle on the pool floor, they should be vacuumed directly into the sewer system. Please refer to the operating instructions for your swimming pool technology or consult a swimming pool specialist. The use of an automatic floor vacuum cleaner to suck up (pick up) the flakes is usually only possible to a limited extent, as this whirls up the flakes lying slightly on the floor and - depending on the filter insert - they become clogged very quickly.

Keep the water values ​​within the optimal range. The optimal range is:

  • pH value 7.0 - 7.4
  • Chlorine value 0.5 - 3.0 mg/l