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Flocculant for Filter Cartridge 1L

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What helps best with cloudy pool water depends entirely on the filter materials used. This liquid makes it possible to quickly clear cloudy pool water in pool filter systems with the popular filter balls or filter cartridges. Cloudy water in the pool not only looks unsightly but can also pose a health risk - especially if children use the pool or people with weakened immune systems. This cleaning liquid removes cloudiness in the water quickly and effectively, so that you can swim and splash around again after a short time.

The concentrate for eliminating cloudiness caused by algae and bacteria in pool water is absolutely foam-free and highly effective.

Correct application and dosage for cloudy pool water

What to do if the pool water is cloudy despite chlorine and good water values? The optimal range with pool water values ​​of pH: 7 - 7.4 and a chlorine content of 0.5 - 3.0 mg/l is first restored before this product is dosed against water cloudiness depending on the pool size.

When completely refilling your swimming pool, use 100 - 150 ml of the effective cloud remover per 10 m³ of water.

For crystal-clear pool water without harmful cloudiness caused by algae and bacteria, simply distribute an amount of 50 - 100 ml of this product per 10 m³ on the water surface every 7 - 10 days with the circulation pump switched on. Then let the filter system run for at least two hours.

Tips against cloudy pool water despite chlorine

When using a pool, the level of dirt introduced varies each time. The intensity of the sun and the outside temperatures also influence the growth of algae and the rapid spread of harmful bacteria. This is the reason why such liquid is needed for water treatment in the same pool one time and a little less the next time for crystal clear water. If the results after removing cloudiness do not fully meet your high standards, please wait up to 36 hours after using Höfer Chemie's pool clearer. Only then will the final results become visible.