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Intex Filter balls - Replacement for sand

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Filter balls in a 0.5kg box, are a direct and better replacement for sand in sand filter pumps.

  • 0.5 kg of filter balls correspond to 18 kg of filter sand
  • Are lighter and more efficient than conventional filter media
  • Are easy to use and you don't have sand in the pool anymore
  • Filter residues up to a size of 1.5 μm (sand approx. 40 μm)
  • Deliver an excellent filter result
  • Have a high dirt holding capacity
  • Have a long lifespan
  • Help you save backwash water
  • Are non-toxic and easy to dispose of
  • Supplied in the form of small balls
  • Are made from 100% polyethene
  • Washable and can be reused

Use Intex filter balls to filter the water in your above-ground pool: this product as a replacement for quartz sand or glass sand guarantees excellent performance and clean water. The filter spheres can in fact be used with sand filter pumps. They are light, effective and convenient: a 500 g bag is equivalent to 18 kg of sand! They can be inserted directly into the tank of your filter pump. They are also easy to manage and it is not a problem if they get dirty, as they are machine washable.

Quantities needed for Krystal Clear sand filter pump models. 26642- 200g, 26644 - 350g, 26646 - 650g, 26648- 1000g, 26652 - 1500g.