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Automatic Pool Cleaner ZX-100

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Cleaning the pool will now be easy thanks to a device that will relieve you of this obligation, it is a modern Intex automatic pool floor vacuum cleaning robot.  

The vacuum cleaner should be connected to a pump with a capacity of 6056 to 13248 liters / hour, the device works using water flowing through it.  

Thanks to the excellent balance of the ZX100, the cleaner offers excellent mobility on the bottom of the pool.

Automatic floor cleaner designed for pools with a maximum diameter of 793 cm (round pools) and maximum dimensions of 1097 x 366 cm (rectangular pools). 

The set also includes non-tangling pipes for connection with a total length of 650cm with a diameter of 38mm.  

The vacuum cleaner moves at a speed of up to 8m/min.  which will allow for quick cleaning of the pool.

The fine filter (0.15 mm) captures even the smallest impurities and the 1.5 l waste container allows for less frequent emptying during cleaning.

Product weight: 6.9kg

Exclusively for INTEX pools with 38mm connection and gate valve