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Chlorine Multitabs 5in1 slowly soluble 20g

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Sold in 5kg buckets containing approx 250 x Multifunctional tabs for hot tubs and small pools - the all-rounder among chlorine tablets for long-term maintenance of water values ​​after adjustment with pH regulators and chlorine quickly soluble! - But how do these chlorine tabs work and why is it so easy to use them for effective pool care? The answer lies in the combination of highly effective ingredients. Included are:

  • at least 90% chlorine for long-term disinfection
  • pH stabilizer to maintain the optimal pH value
  • Flocculant to eliminate turbidity
  • Algae killer to prevent algae growth
  • Clear effect to maintain water quality

5-phase care effect for the complete long-term treatment of pools

If you are looking for a product for complete long-term treatment and maintenance of the 5-phase care effect, then the Chlorine Multitabs with a chlorine content of approx. 80% are just right for you. With the 20 g chlorine multifunction tablets, you can maintain the values ​​achieved after pH regulation, disinfection, algae control, flocculation (removal of turbidity) and cleaning and you do not have to worry about any solution residues. The tablets are completely lime-free.

Multifunctional tablets without the addition of boric acid

We consciously refrain from using unnecessary chemicals that additionally pollute the water. It is therefore essential to look out for sustainable products without the addition of boric acid. This is not only unnecessary but also harmful to health and is therefore not permitted for use in pool chemicals.

Our multitabs are organic.


How to correctly dose the 20g chlorine multitabs

First, adjust all values ​​so that the optimal pH and chlorine value is reached. You can achieve this by using pH raisers and lowers as well as quickly soluble chlorine such as chlorine liquid, chlorine granules or chlorine tabs quickly soluble. After that, the Multitabs are used to maintain the water parameters.  Place in a dosing float. Please do not pour into the skimmer or directly into the pool as this may cause bleach stains on tiles or pool liner on some pools. These tablets can be used for pools with cartridge filters and for sand filter systems (even if filled with filter balls instead of sand). Depending on the water quality, the tablets automatically release the active ingredients into the water. The longer the tablet lasts, the better the values ​​of the pool, because only the water values ​​are kept optimal. If the tablet dissolves quickly, this can be a sign of busy swimming, lots of rain, lots of sun, extreme heat or other environmental influences. Owners of small pools, in particular, can also benefit from the multi-tablets.