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25 Chlorine Multitabs 5in1 slowly soluble 200g

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If you love your pool, buy Multitabs 5in1 slowly soluble ensuring permanent chlorination of the pool water, but also stabilize the water values ​​at the same time, so that the use of other chemicals is reduced. However, before you can use the slow-dissolving Multitabs, a fast-dissolving chlorine must first be used and the pH value adjusted with pH raisers/lowers. Only then do the Multitabs serve to maintain these water parameters!

Our Multitabs sold in 5kg buckets containing 25 tablets, each individually wrapped and are a product for complete long-term treatment and maintenance of the 5-phase care effect. It contains the following active ingredients:

  • Active chlorine content of at least 90%
  • ph stabilizer
  • anti-algae agent
  • flocculant (turbidity removal)
  • clear effect
  • organic
  • lime free!

Application recommendation:

First you should adjust all values ​​so that the optimal range is reached (fast soluble chlorine & pH control agent). Only then do you put one chlorine multifunctional tablet per 10m³ of water in a dosing float every 5-8 days. You should not throw the tablet directly into the pool or place it in the skimmer as some pools may cause bleach stains. These tablets can be used for pools with cartridge filters and for sand filter systems (even if filled with filter balls instead of sand). Continue to check the pH and chlorine levels regularly and adjust them if necessary.

The advantages of using Multitabs 5 in 1:

Our multi chlorine tablets are all individually packed and can be removed individually as required. In addition, they do not leave any solution residues and can remain in the pool during the holiday season. Depending on the water quality and temperature, the tablets dissolve quickly or more slowly. So you can be sure that the optimal amount of chlorine is always contained in the water.