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Chlorine Granules

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Organic, quickly soluble chlorine granulate for quickly increasing the chlorine content. Not only is it easily soluble, but it reliably fights germs and bacteria in your pool. Our chlorine granules have an active chlorine content of 56%. It is suitable for rapid chlorination but is also often used for permanent chlorination.

How can I dose the chlorine granules?

Before adding chlorine granules, the pH value must be checked with a suitable test device and, if necessary, adjusted to the ideal value by adding pH-raising and/or lowering agents. The ideal pH is 7.0 – 7.4.

In order to ensure comprehensive disinfection, pour 50 g - 100 g chlorine granulate per 10m³ weekly (after backwashing - observe the operating instructions) with the filter system running using the pouring container (with protective goggles and gloves!) over the water surface. If shock chlorination is carried out, twice the amount per 10m³ is recommended. An optimal chlorine value is between 1.0 and 3.0 mg/l

Important information for the dosing of chlorine granulate

Make sure that no granules or powder residues sink to the bottom of the pool and cause bleaching stains. For this reason, chlorine granules are not suitable for floating dispensers. The granules fall through the slits onto the floor and cause bleach stains there. Also do not put it directly into the tank! Alternatively, liquid chlorine can be used