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Alkalinity + adjusting granules

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If you are looking for an effortless way to increase the alkalinity level in your pool water and stabilize the pH level, then this Alkafix powder is the ideal solution for you.

Alkalinity is a crucial factor in the balance of your pool water. With Alkafix you can specifically increase this important indicator and thus ensure stable pH value regulation. Optimal alkalinity protects your pool water from sudden pH fluctuations and prevents annoying problems such as algae growth or cloudy water. Experience crystal clear, refreshing pool water that pampers your senses and invites you to have carefree bathing fun.

Advantages of Alkafix at a glance

  1. Fast and effective increase in alkalinity: Thanks to the special formulation the alkalinity in your pool water increases quickly and you can enjoy the results after just a short time.
  2. Precise dosage and easy application: Dosing is very easy. Simply add Alkafix according to the instructions and the water fun can begin.
  3. Long-lasting stability: Our product not only ensures a rapid increase in alkalinity, but also ensures lasting stabilization to permanently protect your pool from unwanted pH fluctuations.
  4. Professional quality and safety: Alkafix is ​​made from high-quality ingredients and meets the highest quality standards. It is gentle on skin and eyes and completely safe for use in swimming pools.
  5. Universal use: Regardless of pool size or type, Alkafix can be used to optimize the alkalinity of your pool.

Dosage and instructions for use

The quickly soluble powder increases the alkalinity (TA) to below 80 mg / l and thus stabilizes the pH value. Suitable for all pool types, filter types and disinfection methods. 


180 g per 10 m³ to increase the TA value by 10 mg/L. Optimal TA value: 80 - 140 mg/l.


First test the alkalinity value with a suitable test device. If this is below 80 mg/l, it should be increased. For a quicker effect, dissolve the powder in lukewarm water in a suitable container and then distribute it on the surface of the water with the filter pump running. We recommend testing the value once a week.