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Aiper Seagull Plus

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Are you looking for an efficient and hassle-free solution to keep your pool always impeccable? The Seagull Plus is the answer to your needs.

Hydrodynamic Design - The unique design allows the Seagull Plus to move smoothly through the pool water, optimizing the performance of its battery and therefore more effectively collecting dirt and debris from the bottom of the pool.

Without Cables - Without cables, without restrictions and completely free of problems.

Improved Battery - Power meets efficiency thanks to the Aiper Plus's 7800mAh battery, which provides up to 110 minutes of cleaning capacity.

Quick Charge - Significant reduction in charging time to 2.5 hours.

Quick Drain - A special water outlet design removes water from the unit in seconds when you lift the device.

Auto Parking – The Seagull Plus automatically parks near your pool wall after completing a cleaning cycle or when the battery is low.

Recommended Pool Size - This device is ideal for pools up to 120 m².

Box contents:

  • 1x Seagull Plus Cleaner
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Lifting Hook
  • 1x Brush
Type Wireless
Charging time 2.5 hours
Weight 6.26kg
Cleaning Flat Ground
Cleaning area 120 m²
Cleaning time 110 Minutes
Suction power 258L/min
Wide suction 14cm