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Clearwater AbsorbaBall is a water surface cleaner for hot tubs and pools. The highly absorbent balls float on the surface of a hot tub or pool water and soak up oils and
other residues such as body lotions, hair products, sunscreen, make‑up and body oils.

The scum sponge is an effective control of oils and other contaminants and helps you save on chemical use and cleaning as well as prolong the lifespan of your filters. Consistent use of the AbsorbaBall also helps to prevent foam on the surface of the water or an unsightly scum ring build‑up around the waterline. Simply leave one AbsorbaBall to float around, even when the hot tub is in use. Once the ball becomes discoloured or is floating under the waterline, rinse well with clean warm water.

Both economical and re‑usable, These balls will help keep your hot tub water clean and clear so you can rely on fewer chemicals for water clarity maintenance and less frequent filter changes. Each pack contains 3 scum balls.